The PrimeTime Draft Philosophy

PrimeTime Draft software is built on two fundamental ideas:

A digital draft board should be simple and easy to use.
PrimeTime Draft is designed to be used by anyone hosting a fantasy football, baseball, hockey or basketball draft party. We keep the user interface streamlined so that you spend less time managing the draft and more time enjoying the party.

Everyone should be able to see the entire draft board during the draft.
PrimeTime Draft dynamically sizes to fit the entire draft board on your HD TV or projector. Everyone can see every team and every round — all the time!

With the entire draft board viewable, everyone at the draft can look at the parts of the draft board that are important to their draft strategy. At any time, you can easily see:
  • Who has drafted whom?
  • What positions do other teams need?
  • What are the maximum bids available for each team?
  • What are the average, high, or low dollar values that players are going for?

PrimeTime Draft is the premier fantasy sports draft board application – whether you are looking to simply ease the burden of draft management or wanting to take your draft party into PrimeTime!

Once you’ve experienced PrimeTime Draft, you'll never want to draft any other way.

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