License Request

The easiest and most common way to activate PrimeTime Draft is to run the application and provide the Activation Code when requested. Occasionally, we have encountered customers with system software or network/firewall settings that prevent access to our Activation Server. To assist in these unique situations, we have created this License Request service.

Important! If you are unable to activate through PrimeTime Draft, your system or network may be preventing PrimeTime Draft from communicating with our servers. While you may be able to use the License Request service to activate and run PrimeTime Draft, it is likely that none of the Internet features will work (including RemoteView).

Before submitting a request, you will need your Activation Code and the Unique Id generated by downloading and running the PrimeTime Draft License Assistant utility for PC (Microsoft Windows) or Mac (OS X).

Important! The PrimeTime Draft License Assistant utility must be run on the system you plan on using for PrimeTime Draft and only one license request will be allowed using this service.

All activity is logged for our records.

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